Quality leads the market
Public welfare drives business

TIANXI Moon Flower is the partner of many social groups. We are not only support the  enterprise's own business, but also engaged in project activities of social welfare, security, education, scientific research and sports. In order to expand and improve the development pattern of “ Public welfare drives business, business  promotion industry”, we use our potential in purpose to Spread across the country in the name of TIANXI Moon Flower. It has gained the greatest benefit for the thousands of dealers who have joined our company.

Social responsibility of enterprise

This is a challenge

The employees all over the country of TIANXI Moon Flower are dedicated to providing our customers with the safety, comfort and natural health of personal hygiene products. Today, the success and competitiveness of an enterprise is not only evaluated by growth and profit, but also the constructive dialogue with various social groups. It is a great opportunity, but also a challenge. 

A good relationship of supply and marketing
Be responsible to people and the environment.

With the enterprise spirit of "honesty, hard work, innovation and dedication", it is an important factor for the successful operation of the company to treat people and environment with a sense of responsibility. Therefore, TIANXI Moon Flower attaches great importance to the products which provide and continuously improve the protection of resources. We are positive participation in health management, career and family coordination programs, and training activities of ensuring future survival.


Having a heart of gratitude.

The public benefit activities of TIANXI Moon Flower

Public welfare is an important part of company culture. It is the best way for us to give back to the society, to the public and to better convey our sense of responsibility and humanistic care, it is also the best way for society to identify our products, values, corporate culture and brand culture. It is a good opportunity to increase the cohesion among employees, improve and promote the public relations, expand the market, create a friendly social environment and show the strength of the company.
TIANXI Moon Flower  puts forward the new pattern of “ Public welfare drives business, business  promotion industry” in 2013. In a series of corporate CSR activities over the years, the company has received extensive attention and praise from the society, which is further enhanced our brand value and popularity.