MOON FLOWER is a family

Wuhan TIANXI Moon Flower Co.,Ltd, creating a wonderful life with the power of nature and technology, helping women regain their health and beauty. Just like Venus carrying love and beauty to protect your Secret Garden.
Wuhan TIANXI Moon Flower Co.,Ltd was founded in 2015. It is located in Jin Gu Industrial Park of Wuhan city which is a beautiful city with the most flesh water. It is a modern high-tech enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. The production base covers an area of about 36 thousand square meters, and has invested hundreds of millions of yuan to build more than 20000 square meters of the purification workshop, solid preparation workshop, dust-free packing workshop, water purification workshop, product testing center, r&d center, conference and visit reception, office building, dormitory, utilities, etc. It has the domestic advanced raw material production equipment and the full automatic production line. The production is driven by science and technology, and the value is created by service. Now the company has mastered the core technologies of independent research and development, such as the mixture of native herbs, acoustic membrane separation , and the patent of modern biology. The company has invested a series of high and new products with independent intellectual property rights with the "Moon Flower" brand.
TIANXI Moon Flower has a high - level, high - quality innovation management team which includes R & D, production, quality inspection, market, logistics and customer service. All departments are closely linked together. With rigorous work attitude, international management system and efficient workflow, they create value for company and then make the company achieve rapid development. Professional and considerate after-sales service, strict but flexible market management, safe and reliable product quality, sustainable development platform, all these advantages give the company a foothold in the forefront of China's female reproductive health industry, and drive the whole industry to make great changes.
As the leader of the global reproductive health industry, TIANXI Moon Flower responded to the national call which is guided by "Mass entrepreneurship and innovation". The company has launched an unprecedented model of innovative sales management. A network of Five Provinces and Intercommunication between the North and South is set up in China. Now the products have been sold to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries. The company has a strong momentum of development.
“ Morality is our rule, all the people must do it together.” is a core idea of the company. TIANXI Moon Flower set up a commercial college named Zhong Ken based on traditional Chinese Confucian culture “Benevolence, Righteousness, Manners, wisdom and credit”. The commercial college trains market management professionals in order to enhance team cohesion and provide enterprises with a reserve force for sustainable development. It will make every TIANXI people accomplish the realization of self value while getting a success career.
Every TIANXI founder and employees in TIANXI believe that they need self esteem and respect for others, strive for self perfection, create value for others, and create extraordinary in the ordinary in order to make the company become a internationally conspicuous enterprise. At the same time the company will build a great platform for everyone to achieve the dream of health and beauty. We believe each of the heart with enjoyment of sprint, creation of the myth will bear the future of the TIANXI Moon Flower.
MOON FLOWER is a family!
TIANXI Moon Flower, creating the beautiful life with love!

Chairman’s Daily Work

Facing the change of female reproductive health industry, TIANXI Moon Flower is keen to predict customer needs. The company is committed to making sustainable life as normalcy, and is determined to become the most advanced listed company in women's reproductive health, produce the best choice for women's reproductive health products.
We believe the best way to create benefits for company is continue improving the product quality, protecting and increasing the customer's service beyond the product and solving a variety of problems in production, sales and services.
We employ and cultivate the best talents, always follow the principle of "Stay away from disease, promote health, and be a pioneer in the reproductive health of women" mission. Helping women to promote health, full of personal charm, make the customers who use our product to experience the beauty of life.

Chairman’s Daily Work