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building culture system of TIANXI Moon Flower

One of the feature of modern industry is the high degree of standardization. In the field of medicine, the GMP system from the west has also become the standard of Traditional Chinese Medicine production, but without the steps of planting, picking, cooking and extracting, we lose the core of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In fact, the genuine property of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a higher and more difficult standard than the GMP(" Good Manufacturing Practice "). Chinese medicine is not without standards, but its’ standard is not in the way of rational indicators. It is based on a subtle consensus between doctors and patients, which is more demanding, more nuanced, more elusive, but more effective.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on natural plants or animals, and the complexity of pharmaceutical ingredients is far exceeds than that of chemicals. So in essence, the genuine property of Traditional Chinese Medicine is a higher standard than the GMP.
"Everything must be only done then been understood profoundly." is a famous Chinese aphorism.
Facing the development of modern medical science and technology, Traditional Chinese Medicine should never be stuck just on the paper , and ignore the advanced technology of modern medicine.
This is not the adherence to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, but rather the self-sealing, it is precisely to eliminate the inherent scientific nature of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
In order to achieve the corporate vision of "Stay away from disease, promote health, and be a pioneer in the reproductive health of women", TIANXI Moon Flower Cooperate with various research institutes and experts from around the world. It has established the TIANXI Moon Flower Research Center and TIANXI Moon Flower Scientific Advisory committee, which has been the pioneer in the development of traditional Chinese medicine. With the development of R&D center, the company continuously develops the female reproductive health product of high technology connotation. Walking in the forefront of the science and technology in the professional field.
Due to the whole theoretical framework of traditional Chinese medicine is different from modern medicine, the difference between the methodology and modern medicine is distinct. In other words, the whole existence logic of Chinese medicine is completely different from western modern medicine. In the face of this difference, "Making foreign things serve China" positively is the real confidence attitude. It is this kind of positive and open attitude, the products of "Moon Flower" brand received a lot of praise in the domestic and international markets. The products have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, North America and other countries, it have been widely recognized in the local market and become an international business card of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a gift to the whole world — The enlightenment of modernization from the Traditional Chinese Medical culture

TIANXI Moon Flower always Carry forward traditional ethics and morality by charity activities. The company had done a series project and activities like “ walking with love” which is work with the Red Cross Society of China, these activities build our spiritual home quietly. The significance of these projects is not only to help many people who need help, but also to establish a good image of TIANXI Moon Flower as a specialized field of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
From these charitable activities, we can feel the power of traditional Chinese culture. In the current market environment, the Moon Flower interpreting the spirit of the Confucian "five spirits" in modern which is the responsibility of society, the awe of nature and the appreciation of Chinese medicine culture. This is the most irreplaceable thing in Traditional Chinese Medicine culture. TIANXI Moon Flower believes that the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine culture is important, but it is more important to pass on the cultural essence that we are proud of.
TIANXI Moon Flower is based on the classical service for the modern, studying Traditional Chinese Medicine with science and advanced technology, developing and producing the most natural, healthy, forward-looking and international vision of female reproductive health products. Between the tradition and the modern, seeking the absolute balance, carrying forward Traditional Chinese Medicine culture. We hope the women all over the world can get health and beauty.
The rise and fall of a national culture ultimately depends on the cultural identity within the nation, rather than an external cultural invasion. The inheritance of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture is the career that TIANXI Moon Flower and every people in TIANXI always working on.
Traditional Chinese Medicine culture reflects the unity of nature and man, man and nature in harmony and moderate consumption view, even in the present digital era is also highly forward-looking. If we take the classic prescription as the flesh and blood of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture, then the world outlook and methodology are the spirit of Traditional Chinese Medicine culture.
Traditional Chinese Medicine culture is extensive and profound. From to and then , Countless ancient medical classics embody the Chinese people's inheritance and development of Chinese medicine culture. TIANXI Moon Flower using these traditional Chinese medicine culture, has developed the "Moon Flower" series products. It is not only inherits traditional Chinese medicine technology, but also inherits Traditional Chinese Medicine culture.
“Histories make men wise”, a nation without traditional culture is a pinched nation. Even if the territory is vast, it can't avoid the mental lost, and Traditional Chinese Medicine culture is the essence and best embodiment of traditional Chinese culture.