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Satisfy nitpick during the menstruation

Free Breathing Anion Sanitary Towel

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Preventing bacteria

Re-oxygenate can destroy the structure of microbial membrane, oxidize the bacteria, and achieve the purpose of sterilization. Re-oxygenate first effects on cell membrane, the membrane component damage caused metabolic disorder, and then continue to permeate, through the membrane and damage of membrane lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide, change the permeability of the bacteria. In the end, the bacteria dissolved and completely dead. The final product of re-oxygenate sterilization is H2O( properties of water), CO2(Carbon dioxide molecule), O2(Oxygen molecules). It will decompose itself into the oxygen that exists in nature without causing secondary pollution.


According to the ministry of health of China, the amount of negative ions in the air reaches 1200 per cubic centimetre, which can achieve a good antiseptic effect. The anion chip of MOONFLOWER®Free Breathing Anion Sanitary Towel can send 6800 negative ions per cubic centimeter when encountering water and blood, at the same time produce a lot of free oxygen. A lot of anions and oxygen are more readily available to the body and anions have the effect on adsorption and conditioning. It can remove the blood clots in the uterus during the blood circulation. You can feel the improvement within three to five days, when it regulates the inflammation, the Undesirable odor is disappear.

the bacteriostasis result of normal sanitary towel


MOONFLOWER® sanitary towel

Eight layers of caring, a good partner of female menstrual

The MOONFLOWER® unique eight layers sanitary towel-新太阳城娱乐城资金雄厚

Fast-penetrable soft cotton surface——absorption strength is 3 times higher than others.

1st layer

International leading living oxygen & negative ion chip——effectively prevent bacteria and bacteriostasis.

2nd layer

Package of dust-free paper.

3rd layer

The unique professional guide layer can accelerate the rapid diffusion of liquid, prevent side leakage.

4th layer

The layers of strong water-lock ( high-molecular polymer, dry paper, have the strong ability to lock the water)

5th layer

Package of dust-free paper.

6th layer

Relax ventilation (the The bottom membrane is Super breathability ).

7th layer

Release paper ( Intermittent back glue design which is conforms to the kinesiology principle).

8th layer

Qualifications of the product, caring your health

Authoritative organization certification the test, protecting your health safely.-大阳城娱乐a0000.com

MOONFLOWER® Herbal Anti-bacterial Gel does not contain any chemical composition, it is designed as an effective private protection product to maximally protect the vaginal mucosal cells. Prepared with sound membrane separation technology and modern patented biological technology in respect of the physiological features of Eastern women, it’s an achievement in cytobiological extraction.

Embedded with a patented anion chip
Not every woman using the MOONFLOWER® sanitary towel, but the woman who had already tried it, they all fall in love with it.

External packing: The product uses the food grade aluminium film. The easy pull stick can effect on moistureproof, antibacterial and anti-mildew.
Inner packing: Sealed package of 360° eliminates outside dust and bacteria’ enter. MOONFLOWER® Free Breathing Anion Sanitary Towel’s surface use fast-penetrable soft cotton. The absorption strength is 3 times higher than that of the common sanitary napkin on the market. It adopts the international leading living oxygen & negative ion chip which can effectively prevent bacteria and bacteriostasis, reduce bacteria breeding and reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

Types Pantyliners Daytime use Overnight use
length 155mm 260mm 330mm
recommendation Daily absorb of secreta Absorb during day-time Absorb during night-time
specifications 25 pieces / packet 10 pieces / packet 8 pieces / packet